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API-Led connectivity

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

To connect the devices, applications, data in an enterprise, API's will play a key role and enterprises are quickly adopting the key features of an API-Led connectivity.

API-Led connectivity recommends the 3-layer approach:

  1. Experience API-(View)

  2. Process API-(Controller)

  3. System API-(Model)

In an enterprise, majority of the web and mobile applications are designed using the MVC(Model-View-Controller) Architectural pattern. For an easy understanding, API-Led connectivity can be mapped with the modules in MVC Architecture as mentioned above.

At Bilvasoft, we strive to understand the each customer requirements and provide the . design, development of the API's using the MuleSoft products such as, Anypoint Platform and Anypoint Studio.


If you have any questions on how the process of giving birth to APIs, please reach us on We welcome you to share any valuable feedback with us.

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